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It's not always the software at fault!

Just the other day a customer contacted us to say he had just installed AutoCAD Map 3d 2018 but some of his polygon styling had gone squif...

Eye-ANALYTICS Trial Subscription Offer

Eye-ANALYTICS delivers an interactive window into your survey data answering your business questions more quickly and easily, by simply lo...


Technically Advanced Solutions
Specialists in Tree, Land, Estates, Housing and Asset management. By customising CAD, mapping, geographical information, civil engineering and data systems, we provide technically advanced solutions, knowledge and expertise in the Geospatial environment and infrastructure development
Interactive Map Solutions
Since 2000, we have developed our Eye range of solutions providing interactive maps with location awareness and business intelligence. The core technology reduces software management costs by allowing for multiple use within Estates, Authorities, Universities, Ports, Arboreta or Business environments.
MapGuide Technologies
Our solutions based on Autodesk, MapGuide, Google Maps, Bing Maps and SQL Server technologies allow you to start with the foundation technology for one area and to add the bricks to suit your current or future needs - Tree, Asset, Housing, Port or Space management.

Our Solutions


  • "AIT Spatial worked with us on land terrier data capture from paper based records, all work completed to schedule and to a high standard."...

    Ann Carey
    Suffolk Coastal District Council, Waveney District Council
  • "Our new interactive map is a fabulous tool to enable us to fulfil our aim of connecting people with trees.  It allows users from anywhere in the world to access information about our collection and to easily find specimens when they get here.  We are currently only using a small part of what it can deliver and hope to use more functions in the future." ...

    Sally Day
    Forestry Commission, Westonbirt
  • "Prior to their involvement, we had a series of individual jigsaw pieces without a picture on the box to show us how the puzzle fitted together. Terrier Compilation has enabled us to create a comprehensive, reliable map of land ownership and to assess any gaps, overlaps or areas of concern in our data." ...

    Jonathan Joseph
    Co-Chairman, Bellhouse Joseph
  • "Going to AIT Spatial and doing a 1-to-1 Training was a privilege. Mark Spence's attention to detail and clear explanations has demystified the whole MapGuide architecture. I'm not scared of it anymore! I feel that with the foundation knowledge and trial software I can work at my own pace to master those basics. I've even got plans to jump into the APIs once that's done. The reinvigoration of my confidence by AIT was really refreshing!"
    Mark Leslie
    GIS Analyst