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  • The concepts behind the 'Eye' Range
    The concepts behind the 'Eye' Range

Over the past 25 years we have witnessed numerous paradigm shifts in the Geographical Information (GI) industry.

Some were very shorted lived - almost faddish - others much more pertinent which have had a huge and lasting impact.

Falling into the latter category has been the adoption of Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards and to which Autodesk developed the Feature Data Object (FDO) technology.  Embracing this technology has enabled the Autodesk spatial solutions, MapGuide Open Source and others to access many disparate spatial data sets seamlessly.  In fact the user may not even be aware how the data they are using is stored.

The FDO technology was commensurate with AIT Spatial's philosophy of enabling rapid innovation and deployment of web mapping solutions.  That is why we chose MapGuide as our mapping engine.

What does this mean for the customer?

Simply our solutions offer the customer the opportunity to use virtually whatever spatial data they so desire. ESRI SHP files, geodatabases, ArcInfo coverages, MapInfo TAB files, WMS such as UKMap and Getmapping can be utilised in a matter of seconds within the 'Eye' range of solutions.  So even if you already have a GI implementation, you can still use the 'Eye' range where necessary.

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