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Asset Collection with a Client: GPSing Grit Bins

Dec. 2016

A sunny but nippy day for asset collection.  The target assets on this occasion was the Grit Bin.  So armed with a list of street names we set off.

Using Eye-REPORT on the Leica GeoSystems CS25 plus we captured the assets straight into the SQL Server spatial database which would then be loaded into the MapGuide GIS.  Of course, we could capture directly into the corporate GIS if we had a 3G data card installed.

Eye-REPORT enabled us to record the GPS location, asset type, ID and condition of the Grit Bins.  We also photographed each one.     


Some were a little more tricky to inspect than others however.

Grit Box - Asset locate

Only one of the bins was in a poor condition with a broken lid.  Another bin was only 1/4 full.

On this occasion the customer did not require the bin capacity to be recorded but that is evident from the photographs.

Grit Bin location Screenshot



Now that the bin locations are mapped it is easier to advise new tenants, staff and contractors of the bin locations rather than simply giving them a road name.

The bins are now themed by condition and the photos attached.

Incidentally we did find that one bin was missing - or rather didn't find it!

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