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Does your Operations and Maintenance (O&M) team have the information they need?

Jul. 2017

We have found a large number of businesses keep their daily O&M information squirreled away in various databases and spreadsheets, making it a major undertaking to locate what tasks are due that day, week, month, etc.  The need to monitor overdue tasks, find specification of a service manual, how to remove component 'A' from an engine, or find where Workshop and Service Manuals are located, quickly and easily is a requirement to ensure best practice.

Eye-ANALYTICS brings together your elements of information into an interactive dashboard accessible from virtually any device anywhere.  What's more, the information you require is right there.

To find out more about how Eye-ANALYTICS can deliver your O&M information simply, quickly and in a meaningful way contact Mark Spence on 01462 816648.

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