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It's not always the software at fault!

Apr. 2017

Just the other day a customer contacted us to say he had just installed AutoCAD Map 3d 2018 but some of his polygon styling had gone squiffy!   As you can see in the screen grab above, the polygon around number 8 is not as it should be.

The data in question was OS MasterMap held in SQL Server Express.  It had been displaying fine in release 2017 but not in 2018.

Zooming in and out moved the 'breaks' in the polygon edge, but panning had no effect on the 'breaks'.

After asking a few questions to investigate the query, the penny dropped with the customer!  He had previously set a text layer temporarily to black for printing purposes towards the end of the day, got distracted and had then gone home.

Upgrading software can and does on occasion cause funny things like this to happen - however on this occasion it wasn't the software.

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