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New Quick Survey Module

Jan. 2017

The testing's done, tomorrow sees the 1st real world tree survey module running on the Leica Geosystem CS25.

Whilst we could use the full Eye-TREE application on the tablet PC, we were asked to produce a form-based quick survey module with big buttons which could be used alongside or separate to Eye-TREE.

As you can see in the photograph, Eye-TREE Quick Survey can be used in portrait mode as well as the more traditional landscape mode.

As always we aim to make the entire process as simple as possible and requiring as few key strokes as possible too.  To this end we have assigned a user configuration date weighting to the work task priorities.  For example, if a task has a priority of 1 we can configure that to assign a due date of 1 week and priority 3 tasks as being due this quarter.  As these tasks are "date assigned" they will automatically be "trapped" by the Eye-ALERTS notifications helping to ensure no task is missed.


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