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On the ground with New Quick Survey Module

Jan. 2017

Positive response following the 1st real world tree survey using the New Quick Survey Module, the tree inspectors and grounds team reported "nice and simple" operation and "easy to read" on the 7" tablet screen. There really is no substitute for being out with the users seeing how they operate and being on hand to answer their questions and comments as they arise.

One such comment was the ease with which any previous inspection(s) and maintenance on an individual tree could be viewed.  For example, one tree had a cavity and at this point in time it is a 50cm cavity. Taking that entry in isolation - it is just a tree with a 50cm cavity.  However by looking at the tree on the previous survey which reported the cavity at 20cm the team were then able to immediately determine the rate of decay and assign appropriate action.

Between the team, we had 3 left handed and 2 right handed individuals so the tablet touch configuration was tweaked for the individual conducting the actual survey at the time.

After a full morning of inspections with full screen brightness battery power was over 55% which is impressive as we were running on full performance rather than a balanced power management plan.

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