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Risk and Use Zone Recording

Feb. 2017

It is oft said that data belongs in a database and only when in a database can the data come to life.  For several decades now the visualisation and analysis of data has been all the more powerful thanks to Geographic Information Systems (GIS).  In turn business queries can be answered quicker and easier than ever before.

One of our Eye-TREE customers recently revised the risk/use zones around their estate and gave us a marked-up A3 plan.  Our first task was to scan and rubbersheet this plan to match the topographic drawing in AutoCAD Map 3D using Autodesk Raster Design Software.

Given the coloured pencil mark-up the automatic vectorising really struggled and so we manually digitised the extents of the risk zones.  We made a conscientious effort to not snap to the features depicted on the topographic as the risk zone simply doesn't end because of a bank feature, fence or car park.

Once the zones were digitised we transferred these to the Eye-TREE database (SQL Server Express).

When initally tasked with capturing the risk zone map we asked "Would you like a breakdown of the trees within each zone?"  The customer was rather amazed that we would be able to provide such a listing with very little effort.

With the risk/use zone polygons stored within the Eye-TREE database, it is a simple task to provide the listing of which trees occur within each zone along with the number in each zone.

The "hardest" part of this stage was deciding on the format in which to view/deliver the data.  Text file?  Spreadsheet?  In the end a series of tables in MS Word comprising:

  • Risk/Use Zone
  • Tree ID
  • Species
  • Common Name
  • Age
  • Last Inspection Date

Of course, we could include virtually any data element from the Eye-TREE database including location, size details, assigned work tasks, etc -it's simply down to what the customer requires.

Once again, using the GIS elements of Eye-TREE has added a wealth of value to the data contained therein and another example of "making information and geography work for you".

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