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All businesses such as the following have a range of requirements for managing data, as a result AIT Spatial offer a selection of customisable solutions from basic data hosting and data collection to full asset, tree, housing and space management.  

  • Arboreta
  • Land Management
  • Property Management
  • Estates
  • Schools
  • Business
  • Local Authorities
  • Port Authorities
  • Utilities

With some 87% of data held having a spatial component, AIT's solutions utilise Interactive Map technology and are available as either an in-house extranet or public Internet option, all are designed to be linked, and extended on one step at a time.   

  1. Start with a management solution
  2. Combine with data in popular GIS and database formats including AutoCAD DWG, MapInfo and ESRI SHP as well as site survey and Ordnance Survey data sets
  3. Add tablet technology for mobile data collection
  4. Build an extranet for access by your consultants, maintenance companies
  5. Publish information for your visitors including details on walks, history, educational, dedications, wildlife and natural habitats
  6. Manage your data yourself or let us host it for you

Whether you are a small estate or a large business with multiple sites, our solutions can meet your needs with minimal cost and with or without major technology investment.

Contact us on 01462 816648 to discuss your current and future business projections and we will offer some suggestions with a timeline to achieve your objectives.

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