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If you are responsible for ground or estate management, work within a Local Authority or Port Authority and need to provide maintenance or insurance for lights, bus shelters, bins, benches, etc? then Eye-ASSET is for you.

As an employer/owner you will be aware you are required to perform risk assessments internally and externally, have a current Health and Safety Policy and also have a full inventory of your assets and maintenance to cover your insurance liabilities.  As a result you need suitable records to cover yourself in the event of an incident and support your Duty of Care.

Providing the above is essential but there is also an opportunity to utilise your information to advance your business - look to the future and view information via an extranet or if you have information for the public why not create an interactive map attached to your web site similar to the Westonbirt Interactive Map.

Since its first release in 2004, Eye-ASSET continues to provide a full record of asset inspection and condition details for the entire asset stock of an organisation.

Eye-ASSET Lite allows you to publish your asset detail to the public via an interactive web-based map.

If you are responsible for any of the following areas, this will be of interest to you.

  • Hazard Management - proactively manage hazards through inspections and work cycles
  • Record Management - create inspection records and schedules to help manage assets
  • Risk Assessment - assign risk to individual assets or areas and map these risks

 Now includes Eye-ALERTS for Eye-ASSET - Never miss another inspection or work task.

Key Features

Interactive Interrogation - interrogate virtually any data within the system
  • Display those assets where work is overdue or is planned next week, in 3 weeks or 6 months, etc.
  • Display all assets by type
  • Display all assets with a particular task - e.g. re-paint, service, etc.
  • Display all asset inspections
  • Display assets within High Risk Zones
  • Highlight overdue tasks and inspections
Information Portal - Easy access to a wide range of supporting information
  • Attach a number of photographs, video clips and other external documents
  • Provide tabular listings of work due
  • Combine with data in popular GIS and database formats including AutoCAD DWG, MapInfo and ESRI SHP as well as site survey and Ordnance Survey data sets.
  • Link to other web-sites and information systems
  • Enhanced reporting engine
  • Print site plans
Simplified Data Input
  • Load asset survey details straight from handheld applications such as Digiterra
  • Utilise existing site surveys
  • Click on map to record asset location
  • User defined pick lists for remaining information such as condition, colour, etc.
  • Record Inspections and automatically schedule follow-up inspections
Simple Wizard-based approach
  • Users can add new assets, update the details of existing objects and assign work tasks to each
  • Use the included wizards to update information, such as:
    • Inspection Records
    • Wrongly positioned or recorded assets
    • Work Task Assignments
    • Records for Ceremonial/Dedications
    • Photographs
    • Documents such as Microsoft Word and Excel files as well as PDF, scanned images and digital video and sound files
Not Just for Assets
  • Deploy the underlying technology within other areas of your business.   Publishing your data, whether asset related or other, can be an ideal way of ensuring all parties working on a project have up-to-date information.  Publishing elements of your data via the Internet and make information available to your colleagues, associated businesses or customers
    • Maintenance and repair records
    • Tree Management
    • Restoration Records
    • Project Collaboration
    • Plus many more...
  • The information viewed is only restricted by the data you hold.