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Eye-ASSET Analytics was released in September 2016.  Another addition to the 'Eye' Solution range offering you a wide range of interconnecting options to suit your business requirements.

Eye-ASSET Analytics used Business Intelligence (BI) to allow you to maximise information from your asset surveys.  As it's strapline states, this allows you to 'relay relevant and reliable information to the right people at the right time'.

Asset surveys are often presented as a tabular reports or spreadsheets but therein lies a fundamental flaw. It is all too easy to miss critical elements of information.  In addition, trends or changes are virtually impossible to compare without significant data manipulation.

With Eye-ASSET Analytics you have an entire interactive dashboard allowing to to access charts and display detailed, meaningful information in linked charts, tables and summaries - a short cut to answer your businesses critical needs.  For example:

  • What budget is required for next years scheduled maintenance program?
  • How many of our assets have no risk value attributed to them?
  • How many of our assets have not been inspected in the last 15 or 30 months?
  • How many of our assets have bat roosts/bat roost potential?
  • What % of our work tasks are assigned to external staff?
  • Etc

Eye-ASSET Analytics is easily deployed and utilised from virtually any web browser including tablet and mobile devices enabling you to access and share your information when needed.

Please note you do not need Eye-ASSET to benefit from Eye-ASSET Analytics.

Key Features

Site Summary
Initial information shown as a 'Site Summary' providing:
  • Total number of Site Assets
  • Inspections overdue
  • Budget for the current month
  • Etc

Show 'Current Work Breakdown'...
... as a summary from the last round of inspections.
Provides a breakdown of the number of individual Tasks Overdue including the asset type, ie Footbridge, Signs, Benches, Bins, etc.
Show 'Work Priority'....
... which are linked to business questions so they can be answered quickly and easily.
Simply click on the high priority section of the pie chart and the budgeted cost figure displays accordingly.
Answer questions….

How many of our assets have not been inspected in the last 15 months?

A full breakdown of all the assets that have not been inspected and require attention is displayed. Furthermore, all displayed data can be filtered and exported if necessary.

Sometimes the information you do not have is more important than the data you do have.

Ensuring you do not miss the critical element of information which could leave your organisation exposed.  Such as:

  • You may have had assets inspected. Whilst the inspection date has been recorded the actual inspection details may have not been omitted
  • GPS based surveys may include assets located at the same location. Do these assets really occur at the exact same location? Does emergency equipment, lights and bus shelters for example sit on top of each other?
  • How many assets are recorded but not inspected?