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Revolutionise the ease and simplicity of letter generation

Wading through lists of addresses can be hugely inefficient and time consuming!    Have you considered there must be an easier way to notify residents or tenants of upcoming works and potential disruption?

There is and virtually anyone can do it from their web browser.

AIT Spatial Ltd acknowledge the concept of a mail merge is nothing new, usually comprising a mail merge template and a data source of addresses, but AIT have taken the mail merge concept and revolutionised the process.  With ease a user can generate geographic-based mail merges simply using a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari etc.

By centrally managing address information you leverage the power of AddressBase Plus data to drive your letter generation via Eye-CORRESPOND.

Eye-CORRESPOND has resulted from typical scenarios our clients have experienced such as:

  • The need to notify all households within 100m of a property of a planning submission.

  • The need to notify residents with trees in front of their proprieties of upcoming maintenance work

In both cases you could simply use a typical database address list, however this approach can often result in properties being missed.  For example the 100m zone could easily include properties from another street. Typically this is not something clearly obvious from looking at a tabular list!

With Eye-CORRESPOND the Generate Notification Wizard guides you through the process of generating the actual letters.

  1. Identify the relevant properties on the map window
  2. Select the notification letter to be sent
  3. Send the letters to the printer and post

Besides the 100m buffer selection method, Eye-CORRESPOND allows you to utilise a wide variety of other approaches including polygon, lasso and simple manual click.