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Report site issues quickly and easily in 3 simple steps.   Using smart phones/tablet devices staff and visitors can easily report issued by sharing the location and description of the issue all with just a few clicks.

  1. Locate: use the built-in GPS on the smart-phone the current location is displayed.  Alternatively, the user can click on the map to indicate the location of the issue being reported.
  2. Report: choose the issue to report from the presented pick-list.  Optionally, the user may also record any additional defects and appropriate priority for the issue being reported.
  3. Photograph: optionally, include a photograph of the issue or use an image already stored on the smart device.

Reported information is then emailed to work teams and/or management as appropriate.

Reported issues are store within the Eye-REPORT database and tracked through the Eye-REPORT portal ensuring reported issues are acted upon and performance targets met as appropriate.

  • Use data collated via Eye-REPORT in your existing GIS package, subject to compatibility.
  • If you do not have the resources or technical knowledge, we offer a annual subscription-based service.  All you need to do is access the service from your smart device once your subscription has been set-up.
  • Eye-REPORT can be configured to enable specific management or ground teams to receive notification of specific reported issues.  For example, the grounds maintenance could receive details of dog mess or tree issues.
  • Set standard response times to an incident, items not 'responded to' within this time frame will be displayed on the portal and optionally the alert reissued.
  • Download the report issues from the Eye-REPORT portal.
  • Have street map, aerial image or both views as your default.  You can also use a detailed site plan if you have one.
  • The position of the incident will be derived using latitude and longitude details and will be converted to the Ordnance Survey National Grid and stored with both sets of coordinate values.
  • Eye-REPORT is an entirely independent solution, but can be used to update information within Eye-TREE and Eye-ASSET.