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When it comes to collecting and collating information, are you sure statutory obligations are being met?  Are you confident systems are efficient and effective?

Eye-SPACE (BIM) allows you to have all site/building/floor and room-related information available through one common interface.

Key Benefits:

  • Savings in time and budget thanks to a reduction in data duplication with information held centrally and permitting multiple access
  • Quick and efficient information updates
  • Graphical presentation of data facilitates rapid assimilation of information
  • Confidentiality assured with restricted data access capability
  • Consistency of information across departments
  • Budget and local account priority recognition - the modular design enables staged implementation

The use of data may vary from the preparation of an EMS Return to a report on leases failing due or access to the status of room availability.  You know the information exists and Eye-SPACE (BIM) lets you locate it, quickly.

With Eye-SPACE (BIM) you can share information on everything from building conditions through levels of occupancy or space availability to seating layouts, disability access points, inventory listings, emergency evacuation procedures and the location of substances subject to COSHH restrictions.

Restrictions access capability links specific audiences with specific data ensuring confidentiality compliance.  Whatever your requirement, Eye-SPACE (BIM) has been designed to handle it.


Key Features

Now based on Autodesk's established MapGuide information management technology.
Allowing organisation-wide controlled access to Terrier Site and Building information over your network or even via an extranet.
Able to link to AutoCAD based information, Autodesk® Architectural Desktop (ADT), AutoCAD Map 3D®, Microsoft® Office (Excel, Word, etc.), as well as numerous other applications and almost any SQL database (Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Oracle, etc).