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In September 2016, we released Eye-TREE version 11 with new streamlined workflows, centralise management of your trees and a better integrated work process and system.  It has never been easier to answer your tree related business queries and embrace your duty of care and wildlife obligations.

New Eye-TREE delivers:

  • Closer interaction and collaboration with land owners, arboriculturalists and tree contractors
  • Addition of Eye-ALERTS giving you the ability to issue a work task that can be assigned and automatically sent to your grounds team or contractor by e-mail or as an attached Microsoft Word document
  • Option to request quotations for work from external contractors, streamlining your day to day work flow
  • Provides full audit trail from inspection to work task to reinspection
  • Greater clarity and readability throughout the application
  • Data based searches allow filtering within a specific date range
  • Context-base filtering e.g. only display those tasks where recommendation is 'Fell'

If you are responsible for any of the following areas, this will be of interest to you.

  • Hazard Management - proactively manage hazards through inspections and work cycles
  • Record Management - create inspection records and schedules to help manage tree stock
  • Risk Assessment - assign risk to individual trees or areas and map these risks
  • Wildlife Management - monitor protected wildlife, flora and fauna on your property



Key Features

Interactive Interrogation - Interrogate virtually any data within the system
  • Display those trees where work is overdue or is planned next week, in 3 weeks or 6 months, etc.
  • Display all trees with a particular task - e.g. Monitor progress of bacterial canker
  • Display all trees with nesting boxes
  • Calculate Planting densities for any plant in any area
  • Display trees within High Risk Zones
  • Highlight overdue tasks and inspections
  • Path accessibility rating
  • Highlight areas of wildlife interest
  • Automatically issue work task, with reminders issued to grounds staff or contractors

Information Portal - Easy access to a wide range of supporting information
  • Attach any number of photographs, video clips and other external documents
  • Provide tabular listing of work due
  • Combine with data in popular GIS and database formats including AutoCAD DWG, MapInfo and ESRI SHP as well as site survey and Ordnance Survey data sets
  • Link to other web-sites and information systems
  • Enhanced reporting engine
  • Print site plans
  • Ensure information for insurance incidents are available, ready for environmental/weather anomalies and diseases
Simplified Data Input
  • Load tree survey details straight from handheld applications such as Leica Geosystems, Digiterra and survey applications such as KeyTree
  • Automatic RPA calculations
  • Utilise existing site surveys
  • Click on map to record tree location
  • User defined pick lists for remaining information such as height, diameter at breast height, crown, age, as well as cultivar, health and any relevant work details
  • Record Inspections and automatically schedule follow-up inspections
  • Context-base filtering available allowing you for example to only display those tasks where recommendation is 'Fell'
Simple Wizard-based Approach
  • Users can add new trees and plants, update the details of existing plantings and assign work tasks to each
  • Work tasks can then be monitored and action with Eye-ALERT for Eye-TREE
  • Use the included wizards to update information, such as:
    • Inspection Record
    • Wrongly positioned or recorded trees
    • Work Trees Assignment
    • Records for Ceremonial/Dedication
    • Record wildlife, ie: bats, red kites, otters, etc.
    • Record Tree Preservation Orders (TPO)
    • Survey history
    • Planning documents
    • Photographs (including Thermal Infra-Red imagery indicating stress)
    • Documents such as Microsoft Word and Excel files as well as PDF, scanned images and digital video and sound files
    • Also has the ability to report on missing information, from survey imports eg. re-inspection date not added
Not Just for Trees and Plants
  • Deploy the underlying technology within other areas of your business.  Publishing your data, whether tree related or other, can be an ideal way of ensuring all parties working on a project have up to date information.  Publishing elements of your data via the Internet and make information available to your colleagues, associated businesses or customers.
    • Maintenance and repair records
    • Restoration Records
    • Project Collaboration
    • Plus many more ...
  • The information viewed is only restricted by the data you hold