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Publish your tree detail to the public via an interactive web-based map - perfect for arboreta, estate grounds, public parks etc.

Eye-TREE Lite allows you to provide the public with a full record of tree details of the entire tree or plant stock of an estate or organisation.  This can be used with or without Eye-TREE software, and allows you to provide whatever information you wish for public or internal viewing, all that is needed by the viewer is a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox, etc.

A customised version of Eye-TREE Lite powers the Interactive Map at Westonbirt, The National Arboretum.

Key Features

Simplified Data Publishing
  • Utilise your existing database or information created with Eye-TREE management software
  • Utilise existing site surveys
  • Simply search and locate using the Wizard approach and then 'click on map' to view a tree location
  • Tree/Plants are displayed on the Map using appropriate symbology for tree type, size, age, height, etc.
  • Include Ceremonial/Dedication details
  • Add wildlife surveys for bats, birds, flora, fauna and fungi
  • Publish Tree Preservation Orders (TPO)
  • Load tree survey details straight from handheld applications such as Digterra and survey applications such as KeyTree
  • Combine with data in popular GIS and database formats including AutoCAD DWG, MapInfo and ESRI SHP as well as site survey and Ordnance Survey data sets
Visitor Benefits
  • Search by Common Name or Botanical Name
  • Browse entire planting collection
  • Browse Champion trees
  • Show location of the planting(s) on the map
  • Highlight areas of wildlife interest
  • Highlight plantings of special interest
  • Plan your trip
  • Print Map of the area