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Help your visitors get the most from your trees, shrubs, wildlife and features with Eye-WALKS the Interactive Walks.

Eye-WALKS allows visitors to View the location of any planting, hide, bat/bird box or wildlife sites on the interactive map, including street maps and aerial views.

Gives you the opportunity to Share details about each planting/object including:

  • History
  • Origin
  • Size
  • Age
  • Photographs
  • Dedication

Location Aware - the maps can display your current location automatically*.

Customised to your needs, we only need the details you want to share and we will provide your interactive Walk on our hosted web servers.

* Location awareness is the location returned by supported web browsers and devices.  The location derived may not be your actual physical location but that of your internet connection.

Eye-WALKS Interactive Map Demonstration Site of Belgrave Square Garden.