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Eye-ASSET: 3D Visualisation using Cesium

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With this video we demonstrate how Eye-ASSET data and information can be shared and visualised using MapGuide and Cesium.

As with all the 'Eye' range, there are various tabs across the top for the screen, however on this occasion it is not the function of Eye-ASSET we are showing but the data it contains.

First you will see the 'picture tool tip', a photograph embedded allowing you to picture the asset in situ.
Second you will see the 'schematic view' of a building floor plan, in this case showing rooms by function. This could include tenancy, facet surveys, key codes and the net internal area.
Thirdly, you will see the buildings within a '3D view' of the area using Cesium. Gives you the option to extrude the buildings based on virtually any data you have captured such as thermo efficiency, rent arrears, physical height.

For more information contact Mark Spence on 01462 816648.