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Eye-ASSET: Empower your data - independent updates

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With this video we are demonstrating how data updated outside of the GI environment can be utilised in Eye-ASSET.

This example considers a Port Engineer who needs to interrogate the mooring dataset and the requirements of the Harbour Master's office.

Use a simple web-form to update the mooring information, this displays the location details in Lat Lon Degrees Minute Seconds, Ordnance Survey and Decimal Degrees, plus much more.  Specify the vessel, description etc., and save the information.  Record additional information such as contact details, photograph of vessel as appropriate.  Once saved the Harbour Master's Mooring View is updated and the change in symbology shows the mooring is now occupied.

At the same time the Port Engineer by refreshing his map reflects the changes in the underlying data.

As a result he is always up to date with the organisations information.

For more information contact Mark Spence on 01462 816648.